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No current event / workshop planed. 


Looking back;

1st of August 2017

Donation Yoga Event for the Indian-Swiss Hathi-Project at Daya Yoga in Bern

  • Extended class with music, followed by a power point presentation from Isabelle Modi, the founder of Hathi, what this social project is  all about
  • homemade sweets and Ice-tea offered
  • for more information about the project visit:
  • Information about the event you find in


20th of August 2017

Extended Hanuman class at yogamarket in Bern


23rd of September 2017

Special Donation class in the spirit of ‘Yoga for freedom’


4th of November 2017

Workshop on the ‘Brahma Viharas’ – the highest states of mind- applied on the mat

  • Be inspired of how to initiate each and every movement on the mat with an underlying quality of loving-kindness (Metta), compassion (Karuna), joy (Mudita) and equinimity (Upekha)
  • serves all levels of experience
  • at yogamoves, Winterthur,




Events are regularly updated.