Prana means the life force – that what makes us and every living being stay and feel alive.

Ayama means to ‘extend’ or ‘regulate’.


Pranayama is the practice of learning how to manage the flow of Prana -the vital force.


Ancient indian traditions and also more modern therapeutic research-approaches offer several ways and techniques to explore how to work with the breath and through that refine our relationship to the vital force.


The breath is the most organic pathway to access and harmonize our nervous system and through that primarily find and maintain one’s health.

Later the work with extending and holding the breath presents itself as the gateway to prepare the mind for deeper levels of subtle work in Meditation.


The observation of the uncontrolled breath is the door to mental matter. As we learn to see the flow of the breath, we awaken to the flow of thoughts, as quick and chaotic they may be, the breath represents itself as our most loyal friend and anchor, to rest with ease with whatever is arising.


Being more intimately connected to our own breathe means being more intimately connected to our life as it unfolds.


As a Yoga facilitator I offer full length Pranayama lessons (mostly in Private or Retreat setting due to more time and individual guidance) with a combination of Kryias and traditional Pranyama techniques.