Namaste – my light is greeting your light

I’m Manuela - in my original hometown Zurich I’m called Manu, in my chosen home France, it’s the second end, Ela.

What is guiding and motivating the human being, why some seem to live light and joyful and others heavy and depressed, how quickly moods can change and what exactly it is, that makes us alive, already fascinates me since I’m a child.

What is this 'something' that is hidden behind all this outward visibility?

I’m remembering the moment, when I – as a young adult - red the word ‘consciousness’ for the first time and afterwards searched for its exact meaning in a dictionary. I can’t remember the translation it gave me, but the quest of searching for the experience of this mysterious term took off.

Within my primary job as psychiatric nurse I learned a lot about the psyche of human being and I got familiar with the western approach of how to deal with psycho-mental and emotional dis-ease. During the same years, within a several year psycho analysis, I also got confronted with my own psychic chaos, patterns and attempts for copying strategies.

As I for the first time got in touch with Yoga in in 2002, I intuitively knew, that within eastern philosophy I could find more gateways towards a path of liberation. Hence, a few years later I travelled to India, where an unknown world opened up to me and for more than a decade, I returned every winter for several months to Asia.

The circumstances led me to a monastery in South Thailand where I for the first time got in touch with the teachings of Buddha. Many Vipassana Retreats in monastic settings in Thailand and later Myanmar followed upon that and enriched my search for the absolute and guided my path towards a broader perspective of being. Besides the insight meditation and the training of mindfulness, the practice of the four boundless heart qualities added to my practice approach. Those two wings still form the main pillar of my life.

Whenever I returned from Asia, back to a western lifestyle with profession and social life, for several years I felt challenged to integrate the discoveries from my time in silence.

That and my still existing thirst for more depth and sustainable methods to integrate the practice, led to the decision to study essential psychotherapy in Germany, which is based on the Dharma, under the guidance of Wolfgang Erhardt and Tilmann Lhündrup.

Full of gratitude I look back on intensive years of practice and studies.

In 2021 together with our son Tao also Metta Villa, a small retreat center for wholesome living and consciousness in the Southwest of France, came into my life.

My paths still lead back to Switzerland on a regular base as well as to other places to teach retreats, trainings and workshops.

Über mich_Manuela Peverelli
Über mich_Manuela Peverelli

©Photo by Mädy Georgusis

Trainings and Self-Experience

Since 2002 I practice and since 2008 I have been teaching Yoga. My educations and self experience in Retreats you find here:

Thanks to

My special thanks go to all the teachers in whose footsteps I have been allowed to develop and realize the nature of Being over these last 20 years, all those who have inspired, enriched and also challenged me.

Equally decisive for for shaping my path were and are like-minded people who dedicate their lives to this practice with seriousness and yet relaxed and with humour. For this, too, I am deeply grateful.

I would like to express my greatest gratitude to my parents and sisters, as well as my partner Marc. It is only through their support that I have been able to evolve and shape my life in such a way that I can continue to develop and also be helpful to others.

Über mich_Manuela Peverelli

©Photo by Mädy Georgusis


Manuela Peverelli

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